23.01 - 6 PM (GMT +01:00)
Server will be restarted for update and bug fixes

If someone need push-ups on your phone for all events on our server
You can use special telegram channel!

Our special thanks for dramar

16 / 01 / 2024 Patch notes v7.4.2

Added Upgrade Charges and Sky Shards in split function
Put your Upgrade Charge in trade window with Elisabeth (quantity should be 2 or more). As result you will get back your pack - 1. And additional pack with quantity 1.

5% Defensive full hp restore changed to 5% Defensive full stamina restore

Workaround for strucked characters
If you got struck on coordinates 0 0 please make a switch character. After switch your character will move to Lorencia city automatically.

Chain Lightning delay greatly decreased.
Berserk temporary doesn't work for helper but should work manually without client craches

New activity currency - Emeralds
You can receive Emeralds by killing Crystals, Elites, Bosses, in events and from Boxes.
Any action gives +1 Emerald on your account.
From now to make next commands you need Emeralds:
/post - 10 (5 for Premium)
/restats - 100 (50 for Premium)
/repoints - 100 (50 fr Premium)
/bro - 500 (250 for Premium)
/accept - 250 (125 for Premium)
/movetobro - 2 (1 for Premium)

Actual status of your Emeralds you can check in profile on website

Castle Siege
Fixed bug when accumulated time was not reseted after character death.

Upgrading now gives additional 1000 all types of damage for each level
Upgrading available for Legendary Noospheres only! Through the Chaos Goblin.

Zen drop
All zen now drops directly under your character


Currently this is only one server.