23 / 01 / 2024 Patch notes v7.4.3

Added dupe prevention fixes

Chaos Goblin mixes now announce all set, accessory, weapons and wings mixes for all players

Added availability for change top sets and wings
If you want change DK set and wings for Elf set and wings for example
You have to move your DK items to your Elf character and use Elisabeth trade on elf

Added Zodiac Knowledge
You can trade 20 Ancient Knowledge for 1 Zodiac Knowledge via Elisabeth trade
Split for Ancient Knowledge now works from 1 to 19 pieces of Ancient Knowledge

Emeralds now working properly
Prices for commands you can check on our forum

Added visualization for Emeralds and Diamonds


As top 15 players reached 400 Level 100 Reset 200 Zodiac levels
Max Zodiac level increased to 400

Max Zodiac Level 500 requirements: top 20 players reached Zodiac level 300.

23.01 - 6 PM (GMT +01:00)
Server will be restarted for update and bug fixes

Currently this is only one server.