31 / 12 / 2023 Happy New Year

Christmas event extended untill 7 of January 2024
Also all new players will get 1 day Premium at start
Diamonds price discount 50%

30 / 12 / 2023 Patch notes v7.4.0

Offline mode reworked and fixed
No any buffs using during offline available
Character can pick up zen and all selected with MuHelper items in radius 3 cells (8 cells for Premium players)
Fixed before not available skills to use


All Random Weapon Boxes renamed
Added new Mythical Weapon Box

All Mythical weapons now can be converted to Mythical Weapon Box with Magical Extractor

From now if character gets Zen limit in he will get in inventory Zen Coin automatically (if free space exist)

Maximum connections for Castle Siege server from 1 IP now: 6

Flame Crystals now drops Upgrade Charges from I to X regarding map reset

Low Weapons drop removed from all maps
Low-Epic Weapon drop added for all maps regarding map reset

Added Diamonds personal shop (use command /store D after open personal shop)

Zodiac exp changed from x10 (x20) to
0-100 - x10 (x20)
101-200 - x8 (x16)
201-300 - x6 (x12)
301-400 - x4 (x8)
401-500 - x2 (x4)
501-600 - x1 (x2)


28.12 - 6 PM (GMT +01:00)
Server will be restarted for update and bug fixes

Currently this is only one server.