Server Statistics

General Information
Exp Rate: x1000
Zodiac Exp Rate: x10 (reduction each 100 levels)
Exp and Zodiac Exp Rate with Premium: +100% - How to buy Diamonds and activate Premium 
Drop Rate: custom
Zen Drop Rate: x100
Premium Zen Drop Rate: +200%
Premium drops Premium Box of Neon

Max Reset: 100 (make reset in Elbeland city by using Reset Master npc)
Max Level: 400
Max Zodiac Level: 600
0 - 100: x10 (available from start)
101 - 200: x8 (available from start)
201 - 300: x6 (opens when top 10 players reach 100 Resets 100 Zodiac levels) 
301 - 400: x4 (opens when top 15 players reach 100 Resets 200 Zodiac levels) 
401 - 500: x2 (opens when top 20 players reach 100 Resets 300 Zodiac levels) 
501 - 600: x1  (opens when top 30 players reach 100 Resets 400 Zodiac levels) 

Max ware count: 3
Premium Max ware count: 8

Special Great Equalizer item - you can Right click it for free level up if your reset is lower then reset of Top player on server

All classes getting 3 points per level

All classes have 5 different parameters - Strength, Agility, Vitality, Energy and Fortune (Command for DL)

All classes have 7 default quests where you can receive 250, 500, 1000, 1250 points. Check guide how to mix Quest items - Sabina Quests, Marlon Quests

To receive final profession and open our absolutly new Zodiac System

 You should collect special materials from flowers which you can find on every location in our world

At final you have to fight with Dark Elf so Zodiac System will be available for you not earlier Reset 23

All points after Reset doesn't burn!

Reset available from level 400 (via NPC in Elbeland)

You will get 1000 points for 1 reset, 990 for 2, 500 for 50 reset and 10 points for 100 reset

It makes minimum power difference  between players in Late Game so it doesn't matter when you started - after Grand Opening or in months later

All Locations hardly connected to Reset of your character. You cannot move in location if you haven't enough high Reset


All Skills in game available from level 1 and no have any profession requirements

Combo available from level 1 for all classes. You can check available skills here

Equipment Information

In game available 6 classes: Dark Wizard, Dark Knight, Elf, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord, Summoner

Each class has own market in Lorencia where you can buy Gear for start your journey

All limited potions was replaced with unlimited (limited by time)


For upgrade your Gear, Weapon and Wings you should collect craft materials and use Chaos Goblin service

Gear upgrade available when it +15. Collect Upgrade Talisman for level up your gear - Check guide 

Weapon upgrade available when it +15. You need 3 weapons of same type for upgrade! - Check guide 

Wings upgrade available when it +15. You need Feather (drops from Quest Master in Noria - be carefull all reward items drops on the ground!) and Sky Jewel (you need collect Sky Shards) - Check guide 

Amulet. You can get it after win battle in Chaos Castle. Strongest Amulet drops in Chaos Castle 7. Amulet's level getting randomly

Noosphere. You can mix it from special Rainbow stones (drops from Rainbow Dragons) - Check guide 


Events Information

All event timers you can find at left side on our website

Blood Castle - finishers party will get Winner boxes, rest players will get Looser boxes. So each player will be awarded (available from Reset 1)

Devil Square - at the end all players will get Finisher boxes. Also at the end of event will spawn special Boss. Here you can see unique map designed special for NEON (available from Reset 0)

Chaos Castle - all players will get Zen according killed monsters and players during event. Winner will be awarded with Amulet with random quality (according CC level) (available from Reset 0)

World Bosses - each map on our server has special Big Boss area. It is separated area where World Boss spawns. Poisons cannot be applied on bosses. All bosses on all maps spawns at the same time (available from Reset 0)

Moss Merchant - unique trader completly modified on our server (available from Reset 8)

Rainbow Dragon - each location has only 1 Rainbow Dragon. Every Dragon drops own special Stone. Dragons have extremely low HP (available from Reset 0)

Golden Army - special event time in Golden Stadium where you can find improved spots of golden monsters. Collect Gold Coins and give it to Golden Archer (available from Reset 0)

Golden Commanders - at the ends of Golden Army event - each spot will be covered by monster's Commander (available from Reset 0)

Bonus Exp Hour - here is simple just kill strongest monsters to receive the highest experience number for your character (available from Reset 0)

Treasure Hunters - find little chest in Lorencia with shiny rewards (available from Reset 0)

Loren Deep - kill monsters in Valley of Loren and collect materials for Castle Siege. At the end of event you can find there 3 Dragon Guardians (available from Reset 0)

White Wizards & Dark Army - Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland and Devias getting invasion. Find them and kill to get rewards (available from Reset 0)

Halloween Massacre - in the middle of city Lorencia during short time you can catch some shiny drop. Be carefull this area is free for PK (available from Reset 0)

Crywolf Fortress - everyday event without any requirements for start. Kill Balgass and his minions to receive rewards (available from Reset 23)

Imperial Guardian - meet up a strong team for bit a strong bosses inside castle. NPC for entry in Ferea Kingdom (available from Reset 76)

Bad Santa - get special invitation in Devias, La Cleon or Iceland  and fight for gifts in Santa village. In Santa village you also gettin strong Damage buff as Christmas blessing (available from Reset 1)

Fight Club - unique PvP event where all players has extremely low HP and Defense and extremely high Damage. Find entrance in Atlans (available from Reset 3)

Illusion Temple - now to make points you can also kill monsters and players. Both teams at the end will be awarded. But winners little bit better. Find entrance in Lost Tower (available from Reset 2)

Doppelganger - find tickets and get shiny rewards as much as you can. Find entrance in Iceland (available from Reset 64)

Features Information

Unique Smart Trader Elisabeth - you can trade any item you no need for item that maybe you need more. Also you can split your tickets here. You can read Trade List Here

Unique Anti PK System doesn't give to players who like kill everybody without any reasons. Character will get reduce stats after 4th kill by 25%, 5th - 50%, 6th - 75%, 7th+ - 90%


Unique Guild Buff - then more players is Online in guild then stronger each player 

Unique Charm System - collect Mystery Essences and get Absolute Magic for roll your luck with any charm - Check guide 

Unique Achievments System - complete your goals to get bonus stats for your character

Unique Level Up item - use to get level up. You can find this Ancient Knowledge mostly when you participate in events

Unique Pumpkin Buff - buff or debuff? This is a main question

Unique Navigation System in C Tab - use your mouse for read everything about your character

Find all Drop chances for each location whenever you stay

Check all Bonuses at your full stats 


Currently this is only one server.