15 / 02 / 2024 v7.5.1 - On the way

This is continue of great cycle of updates regarding Skills, Stats, Buffs and Powers of characters.
Today i can introduce for you next changes:

For Dark Wizard Zodiac skills (100%):
All poison skills now applying to bosses

5y7WnwY.png 7i67kox.png
 ZHXsdop.png 4f6X8LL.png

aPikjD3.png Fp0uoFA.png 
kAL7OCL.png nl4nq4j.png

For Summoner Zodiac skills (50%):
LhojUNr.png 31JXVEz.png

VnD99eG.png rzKJJ6v.png

Next Update v7.5.2 planned on Sunday - 18.02 - 6 PM (GMT+1)

14 / 02 / 2024 v7.5.0 Patch notes

New feature - Power Charge is working from now!
Power Charge is special scaler for your Combo

Power Charge can be increased with Strength and Energy
As soon as you are using Combo, your Power Charge drops to 0. And your Combo attack gets additional % of DMG in value of actual Power Charge
Power Charge restores 1 per seconds and 1 per hit
Added new Zodiac brench for improve that feature also

All Zodiac brenchs are reworked
You can check all changes in game

Main parameter Shield on items replaced from static bonus to multiple bonus

Next update 7.5.1 planned 15.02 6 PM (GMT +1)


11.02 - 6 PM (GMT +01:00)
Huge cycle of rebalance updates started!

Server will be restarted for update and bug fixes

Currently this is only one server.