28.02.2024 6 PM (GMT +01:00) 
Server will be restarted for updates and bug fixes

18 / 02 / 2024 v7.5.2 - Patch notes

Dark Wizard Zodiac Skills - 100%
Summoner Zodiac Skills - 100%
Dark Knight Zodiac Skills - 12.5%
Dark Lord Zodiac Skills - 0%
Fairy Elf Zodiac Skills - 0%
Magic Gladiator Zodiac Skills - 0%

Fixed bug when Greater Life buff didn't apply to your party

Damage scalers decreased (preparation for new Defense system)

Cyclone skill distance increased from 2 to 7

Plasma Storm added to Primary combo skills
Twisting Slash moved from Secondary combo skill to Primary combo skill

15 / 02 / 2024 v7.5.1 - On the way

This is continue of great cycle of updates regarding Skills, Stats, Buffs and Powers of characters.
Today i can introduce for you next changes:

For Dark Wizard Zodiac skills (100%):
All poison skills now applying to bosses

5y7WnwY.png 7i67kox.png
 ZHXsdop.png 4f6X8LL.png

aPikjD3.png Fp0uoFA.png 
kAL7OCL.png nl4nq4j.png

For Summoner Zodiac skills (50%):
LhojUNr.png 31JXVEz.png

VnD99eG.png rzKJJ6v.png

Next Update v7.5.2 planned on Sunday - 18.02 - 6 PM (GMT+1)

Currently this is only one server.