During New Year holidays server will be offline.
2 January 2023 18:00 (+01:00 GMT) we will start with next settings:

Exp: x1
Premium exp: x2
Zodiac exp (full reworked master exp): x1 
Premium zodiac exp: x2
Drop for all: x10
Zen drop for all: x10
Characters: DW, DK, Elf, MG DL, SU
Locations: available only according your current reset (you can't move in location with stronger monsters untill you get enough reset count)
Potions: unlimited (limited by time)
Events: Winners and Loosers always getting rewards
Repairing gear: removed
Great Equalizer system: When top 1 player reach reset all players on server can do reset earlier (Your reset level = Your level - Top player reset)
Party exp: removed (even if you in party with high level  player you both will get same exp as if you stay solo)
Quests: 300 (each reset you can open 3 new quests, starts from reset 1)
Class quests: added for DL and MG (only via class quests you can receive Dark Raven for DL)
Reset points: First reset gives you highest quantity of points, each next reset will give reduced quantity of points
Reset requirements: removed (just clic the button via NPC in Elbeland)
Gear: first gear set you can buy in Lorencia shop. For upgrade you need collect materials only.
Weapon: You will get newbie weapon in the beginning. For receive a true one you have to kill bosses, participate in events and farm from monsters. Each weapon require 3 same weapon for upgrade in next grade
Accessory: Noospheres (Rings) you can get only from mixes. Amulet drops in Chaos Castle only.
Wings: same as gear. Grade via materials.
All stats and paramteres you can check in C tab (use your mouse and read all descriptions).

15 / 12 / 2022 Premium compensations

Everybody who bought premium in period from 24.12.2021 to 31.12.2022 will get full compensation in Diamonds for new season starting 2 January 2023 18:00 (+01:00 GMT) !

Contact please ReadySteadyGo in Discord.

Almost 1 year our server was Online
But as everything good coming to the end - this long journey also should be done at anytime
With all added features and events, maps and monsters, items and mechanics during this year we will get a real Grand Opening in 2023.

Thank you very much to everyone who stay with us and support us!

Currently this is only one server.