NEON Community
16 / 04 / 2022 Great Spring Update

Crywolf Fortress now is active - every Wednesday and Saturday 22:05 (+3 GMT)
Crywolf start have no any requirements

Golden Archer rewards reworked
Removed event tickets
Golden commanders reward changed from 25 to 25 plus 5 for each level of commander.

Added new item Ancient Knowledge gives immidiate level up

Added new item Absolute Magic drops a random charm.

Bug fixing

12 / 04 / 2022 No War

In support of the Ukrainian people in this difficult time, it was decided to direct 30% of the total income from purchases of Premium to the Funds of Support of Ukraine

Now we have loyal balance system between old and new players on server
Mouse Right click for use this item if your level enough.

If you have 5 Resets and top player have 37 Resets it means that you can use this item if your level equal or more then 400 - 37 + 5 = 368. So you can make level up just by right click Great Equalizer.

Welcome and enjoy!

Currently this is only one server.