After server restart at 17:50 (+01:00 GMT)
All elite monsters will get spawn time - 4 hours
All crystals - 2 hours

Fix CC death teleport from Devias to Lorencia
Fire Ball now should be added automatically to MG and SU 

If you have ay suggestions, i'm fully open

With Love,
Your RSG

02 / 01 / 2023 Server is Online!

Welcome and enjoy!

During New Year holidays server will be offline.
2 January 2023 18:00 (+01:00 GMT) we will start with next settings:

Exp: x1
Premium exp: x2
Zodiac exp (full reworked master exp): x1 
Premium zodiac exp: x2
Drop for all: x10
Zen drop for all: x10
Characters: DW, DK, Elf, MG DL, SU
Locations: available only according your current reset (you can't move in location with stronger monsters untill you get enough reset count)
Potions: unlimited (limited by time)
Events: Winners and Loosers always getting rewards
Repairing gear: removed
Great Equalizer system: When top 1 player reach reset all players on server can do reset earlier (Your reset level = Your level - Top player reset)
Party exp: removed (even if you in party with high level  player you both will get same exp as if you stay solo)
Quests: 300 (each reset you can open 3 new quests, starts from reset 1)
Class quests: added for DL and MG (only via class quests you can receive Dark Raven for DL)
Reset points: First reset gives you highest quantity of points, each next reset will give reduced quantity of points
Reset requirements: removed (just clic the button via NPC in Elbeland)
Gear: first gear set you can buy in Lorencia shop. For upgrade you need collect materials only.
Weapon: You will get newbie weapon in the beginning. For receive a true one you have to kill bosses, participate in events and farm from monsters. Each weapon require 3 same weapon for upgrade in next grade
Accessory: Noospheres (Rings) you can get only from mixes. Amulet drops in Chaos Castle only.
Wings: same as gear. Grade via materials.
All stats and paramteres you can check in C tab (use your mouse and read all descriptions).

Currently this is only one server.