As was announced before, 30% from each Premium buying you take participate in help for people who are still stay in Ukraine and getting pain and cries already 75 days.
This is not so much price but is more than nothing.
Money was sent to
We will continue support Ukrainian people in future.
Thank you for understanding.

07 / 05 / 2022 Moss Merchant Boosted

Added new ways for spend your Zen in Moss Merchant
Check details ingame

Was found critical issue in our Reset system
After Restart will be rework Reset system

Monsters dissapiraing after last update was fixed.

All players will get recalculate points according to new algorithm
Also everybody should message ReadySteadyGo in Discord about restore personal Quest points
Current default quest: X
Current Quest Master quest: X


Now you will get more points  per reset:

1 Reset: 1000 points
2 Resets: 990 points
- | | -
99 Resets: 20 points
100 Resets: 10 points

All players will get 7 Diamonds

Currently this is only one server.