General Server Rules and Regulations

In-game and Forum

1. By registering in NEON you agree to the following terms of use:

 All information related to your account(s) is property of NEON.

  • We are NOT responsible for the security of your account name and password. Players must take drastic measures to protect their accounts. This simply means, never login your account(s) and password information to a non NEON website. Do not give away your login information. The moment you give away your login information or personal information you basically gave away all the items that you have, including the account itself. Infraction of this rule is done at your own risk.

  • Any problems arising from sharing your account(s), passwords or personal information in any Internet cafe or other actions are the sole responsibility to the owner of the account. We will not take responsibility nor provide you any support with whatever issues that may occur to your account.

  •  Buying / selling and trading accounts for real money is PROHIBITED. All NEON accounts, items and any NEON related is a property of the server owner. If you are found buying, selling and trading items for real money you will be banned permanently. If you are caught buying, selling and trading items for real money outside NEON website, forum and in-game it will result in being banned permanently. This simply means, if we find you selling NEON properties in any of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, any gaming forum, or any buy, sell and trading website etc. your character(s) and account(s) will be banned without notice.

  • Refund Policy - NEON Administrator(s) and GM(s) will NOT be held responsible for any lost / disappeared / missing / stolen items. Whatever the cause maybe we will never refund or give back any lost items. (This also includes Seals, Wcoins, Credits, Levels, Jr. GM status and etc.)

  • Any donations made to the server are non-refundable. Buying credits and donations are both different things. We DO NOT sell NEON credits but we ONLY accept donations made willing by the user of the account. All donation value has its own credits rewards.  


2. Hacking / Cheating:

 Any hacks or cheats that can compromise NEON game server, forum, files, clients and patches.

  • Hacking NEON Server and abusing server bugs will result in I.P. address being banned permanently.

  • Players who are credit harvesters or players who abuse NEON voting rewards will result in being banned permanently. 

  • No abusing ranking systems. Example: making fake guild wars. This will also result in being banned permanently with parole.

  • We will not provide support and we will also not be held responsible for any problem that occurs from your I.P. address for players using "proxy" or any 3rd party software to hide real I.P. address. Do so at your own risk!

  • Any types of scamming will be given permanent banned. (Scamming includes: Buy and Sell, trade, offtrade and etc.). All logs will be investigated. 


3. Staff Information  and Staff Impersonation:

 Names (Character Names / IGN (In-Game Names) and Guilds must not contain Administrator and GM nicknames. You may not impersonate or present yourself to be a representative of the NEON staffs. If caught posing as an Admin or GM you will be banned permanently.

Below are the names of NEON staff that players are NOT allowed to use in-game / forum.

  • Admin (Any short form or name shortcut is not allowed)

  • ReadySteadyGo (Any short form or name shortcut is not allowed)

  • ausman (Any short form or name shortcut is not allowed)

As many of you may or may not know, the Admin and I have regular alternate characters that we like to use while in-game. These characters have different in-game names and it may look like just a normal character but these characters can give out warnings like a normal player does.
For example: If you were given a warning by a player because you were using non-English language on /post and you replied in a rude manner then you will get temporary banned for it.
Keep in mind that if a normal gamer gives you a warning in-game is a person who actually cares for you not to get banned. They gave you a warning for a reason and once you are told not to do it then dont do it. 

4. Advertising other gaming servers will result in being banned permanently:

 Any referral of MU related or non-related NEON sites are not to be discussed on either forum or in-game. This includes Advertising or mentioning other MU server(s) and forums or any other on-line gaming advertisements including rankings that do not affiliate to the Admin's server(s).
Keep in mind, that if someone invited you to another MU server and you have acknowledged this person without reporting the incident then you will also get banned a permanently for assisting a rule breaker. (See rule#5)


5. Advertising non-gaming servers will result in being banned permanently:

Referrals to any non-gaming related sites are not to be discussed on either forum or in-game. This includes advertising or mentioning other websites that contains any adult content, shopping advertisements and etc.

6. Accessory of the fact:

 Anyone who dares to assist any person or players in-game and forum who breaks the rules will also be given a permanent ban.
For example: If you give assistance to someone who is selling items for real currency and gets caught or gets  reported then he/she will be permanently banned without warning. Giving assistance by saying "Bro, you got reported on forum so I suggest you to move your items to a new account". If you say that to a rule breaker then you will be permanently banned. 

7. Respect the Server and The Authority of Staff:

 Personal negative attacks to the Server and it's staff will not be tolerated. The Staff are doing the best as they can to better serve you to fix bugs and assist you with any inquiries or questions you may encounter in-game or in forum. The kinds of punishment for disrespecting the staff are Character Ban, Account Ban, I.P. Address Ban (Permanent).

  • Anyone who dares to challenge a staff's final decision will not be tolerated. Your forum and in-game account will be banned permanently.

  • Staff have the supreme authority to lock and/or delete any posts or threads which they deem irrelevant or frivolous at their own discretion.

  •  Public discussions of staff actions are not allowed on the forum.

  •  It is prohibited to protest staff actions in titles, avatars, signatures, the chat box and in-game /post.

  • Staff have the FINAL say in any disputes. (There shouldn't be any reasons for you to keep posting such matters that is already been decided.)

  • Staff have the right to suspend / block characters or account(s) to any gamers for investigation as precaution. Remember, we will not ban players without reason.

  • Staff have the right to, without question, violate any rules here they deem necessary for the benefit of the community.

  • If an Admin or myself makes the final decision; your suspension or ban is no longer a discussion.


8. Donators:

We thank you for donating to our server(s) and that we are able to enhance our server(s) for the better. However, there are rules to be listed.

  • Any donation made is non-refundable.

  • If you have donated once or 100 times, it doesn't matter, you are still equal with any other player(s) who hasn't donated at all.

  • Donators don't have more importance in what they say than any other players. This means, that every player that donates are to be treated equally the same as non-donators.

  • If rules are broken donators can also be banned easily just like any players

  • If for any reason a donator gets banned, all items in his account(s) will be blocked along with the account. It will also not be returned to him/her under any circumstances.


9. Free Play Server:

 This is a FREE PLAY private server. We do things differently than any other server(s). If you despise the game, staff or the game settings then please feel free to leave.
The interpretation of these rules is solemnly up to the administrator or the owner of NEON and these rules can change at any time without prior notice. Since rules can change; we cannot guarantee that any precedent you may find still applies, so in order to be in the safe side or if you are unsure about what constitutes a breach of a rule, you must ask me (ReadySteadyGo).


10. Digital products!

We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is submitted.
We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or using our products.





Currently this is only one server.