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03 / 06 / 2023 v7.3.1 - Fractals improve

Now all players can move to next Fractal via teleport point (look at map)
Respawn time for Illusion of Kundun changed to 1 hour (added drop from Illusion of Kundun)
Kundun (Last Fractal) added to World Bosses event (drops 3 Mythical random weapons)
All monsters got skills according actual Fractal level:
Fractal I - No any abilities
Fractal II - Poison
Fractal III - Poison, Blow
Fractal IV - Poison, Blow, Stamina/Power Charge reduce
Fractal V - Poison, Blow, Stamina/Power Charge reduce, Self-healing
Fractal VI - Poison, Blow, Stamina/Power Charge reduce, Self-healing, Teleportation
Last Fractal - Poison, Blow, Stamina/Power Charge reduce, Self-healing,  Teleportation, greatly increased max damage and speed

Also Added Red Fenrir crafting
You need collect all 7 fragments drops in Fractals for craft your ticket in Beast World!
Fenrir upgrades and transformation into Dark Horse for DL will be introduced in next updates

by RSG
Currently this is only one server.