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28 / 05 / 2023 Update v7.3.0

New old map introduced - Fractals (available from reset 100)
Fractals has 7 similar locations (you will be moved to next level of Fractal after Boss death)
Each Fractal filled with strong monsters and really strong boss (respawn of monsters 1 hour, respawn boss - 1 min)
Special drop: materials for Zodiac quest, Hell Dust (additional drop in next updates)
Fractal World Boss will see in next updates

Castle Siege is Online
Another every day event was implemented in our server for some tests

Count of Zodiac quest flowers increased from 1 to 3
Reward for Main boss in Imperial Guardian event changed from 5 to 3. Weapon quality changed from Epic to Mythical

by RSG
Currently this is only one server.