07 / 08 / 2022 Personal store grade

From now in game available new commands for open special personal stores
At first you have to create a normal store with price in Zen Coins
After that you have to choose 3 different stores:
/store S (100.000.000 Zen Coin currency)
/store M (500.000.000 Zen Coin currency)
/store L ( Zen Coin currency)
Optional: you can use /offstore to make your Store character offline.

You can find Zen Coins in Lorencia bar

Also reworked Virgo Skills for Zodiac system

07 / 08 / 2022 Magical Extractor

Elf Lala now selling Magical Extractor. It will cost for players 12.000.000 Zen
You can use this special item for convert weapons into Random Weapon Box from 1 to 7 level
If your weapon is +15, Extractor cannot be used

Now all players have opportunity to change some items
Available trade transactions:

1 Book of Skill - earn 1 Ancient Scroll (piece of Ancient Knowledge - need 20)
1 any type of weapon - earn 1-3 Hell Dust (piece of Mystery Essence - need 100)
1 Dragon Shard - earn 1 Hell Dust
1 Weapon Option Jewel - earn 1-3 Weapon Level Jewel
1 Gear Option Jewel - earn 1-3 Gear Level Jewel
1 Lucky Clover - earn 1 Magnificent Present

Currently this is only one server.