Next update you can check drop chance for all items on current location
About server restart will be announced later

21 / 01 / 2023 v7.2.0 - New mix recipes

Legendary Noosphere now can be upgraded to +15
From 0 to 5 you need 250 Gear Level Jewel Bundle for each grade
From 6 to 10 you need 250 Gear Level Jewel Bundle and 250 Weapon Level Jewel Bundle  for each grade
From 11 to 15 you need 250 Gear Level Jewel Bundle250 Weapon Level Jewel Bundle and 250 Wings Level Jewel Bundle  for each grade
In next update each level from Noosphere will give you +3% Resist Stun Rate

21 / 01 / 2023 Neon Grade to v7.2.0

All event timers got huge optimization. Now you can participate more events without any skips.
Now you can check all parameters you getting by increase your stats.
A lot minor bugs fixed

Graphic process got optimization (30-40%)

Currently this is only one server.