NEON Community

Added conversation from Talismans to Charges higher level
Added conversation from Sky Jewels to Shards higher level
Sky Shards dropping at all low level locations with small chance

Added first 30 quests for Quest Master (Noria) 

11 / 01 / 2022 Great monthly update

Added reworked Offexp system (click the button in right bottom corner and choose active skill for off attack)
Added Party Search system (click the button in the right bottom corner for create shared party or find Rhea in Lorencia to find exist parties)
Added more resolutions in launcher
Fixed Exp in devias for reseted characters
Fixed extremely low damage for DL and DK
Fixed drop from Santa elite in Devias


08 / 01 / 2022 Small update

Added Starter weapons for all classes
Now after character creation you will get non-upgradable weapon

Need restart client for download update

Currently this is only one server.