07 / 08 / 2022 Personal store grade

From now in game available new commands for open special personal stores
At first you have to create a normal store with price in Zen Coins
After that you have to choose 3 different stores:
/store S (100.000.000 Zen Coin currency)
/store M (500.000.000 Zen Coin currency)
/store L ( Zen Coin currency)
Optional: you can use /offstore to make your Store character offline.

You can find Zen Coins in Lorencia bar

Also reworked Virgo Skills for Zodiac system

07 / 08 / 2022 Magical Extractor

Elf Lala now selling Magical Extractor. It will cost for players 12.000.000 Zen
You can use this special item for convert weapons into Random Weapon Box from 1 to 7 level
If your weapon is +15, Extractor cannot be used

Now all players have opportunity to change some items
Available trade transactions:

1 Book of Skill - earn 1 Ancient Scroll (piece of Ancient Knowledge - need 20)
1 any type of weapon - earn 1-3 Hell Dust (piece of Mystery Essence - need 100)
1 Dragon Shard - earn 1 Hell Dust
1 Weapon Option Jewel - earn 1-3 Weapon Level Jewel
1 Gear Option Jewel - earn 1-3 Gear Level Jewel
1 Lucky Clover - earn 1 Magnificent Present

07.08.2022 - 20:35

Santa Village is open for players!
New monsters
Christmas Soul - respawn each second (25 on map)
Bad Goblin - respawn each hour (5 on map)
Bad Santa - respawn each 4 hours - web timer is active

For join Santa Village you need Invitation
After using invitation you will get buff (Blessing of Christmas) for 15 minutes. After buff finish if you stay in Village you will get move to Devias automatically

Currently this is only one server.